Focused on Rider Performance

Engineered with precision and innovation, Bates saddles are designed to bring out the best in you and your horse. Discover how the technology in Bates Saddles redefines equestrian excellence for optimal performance.


Ergonomic Stirrup Bar

Our design registered stirrup bar removes at least one thickness of leather from under your thigh, ensuring even closer contact and maximising your comfort. The unique shaping offers secure attachment of your stirrup leather, while enabling the leather to come free if required during a fall. Selected Bates saddles feature a recessed channel to the stirrup keeper, further eliminating interference with your leg for a closer feel with your horse and increased comfort.

Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar

Featured on selected Bates saddles, the Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar empowers you to achieve effortless alignment between you and your horse. By allowing you to customise the position of the stirrup bar, you have complete control over your preferred riding position. The Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar can be easily repositioned by simply lifting the catch and sliding the bar to suit your individual position. The bar should then be secured by pressing down firmly on the catch and locking the bar into place.

Comfort Seat Technology

At the heart of Bates Saddles lies our exclusive Comfort Seat Technology – comfort so subtle we hope you hardly notice it. Our commitment to rider balance begins with a seat carefully sculpted from multilayered foams of exacting densities, for instantaneous comfort and support of your optimal position. All Bates saddles feature a narrow waist anatomically shaped for closer contact.


Selected Bates Saddles feature the SweetSpot which effortlessly places you in a neutral position where contact is closest. This allows for perfect alignment and support for your leg and upper body balance.

Adjustable Flexibloc System

A revolutionary system that enables you to fine-tune the support offered for your unique riding position. The Adjustable Flexibloc System provides exceptional flexibility, allowing you to customise your saddle’s support to precisely match your individual needs.

Movable FlexiContourbloc

Mono flap saddles in the Bates Saddles range feature FlexiContourblocs – a revolutionary addition, designed for your optimal position. The FlexiContourbloc is anatomically contoured to allow your leg to fit in and behind the bloc. This bloc design provides unparalleled support tailored to your individual riding position for maximised comfort and security. The FlexiContourbloc can be effortlessly adjusted forwards, backwards, or on a precise angle to mirror your individual riding position. Once you’ve found the perfect placement, simply tighten the two screws under the flap to lock the FlexiContourbloc securely into place.

Finest European Leather

Every Bates saddle features the finest hand selected European leather. You can be confident that the leather in Bates saddles is the best in the world and, if cared for, will offer many years of excellent service. But that’s not all, in select models, we take comfort and performance to the next level with double-lined Opulence leather renowned for its ultra-soft and grippy characteristics, ensuring immediate comfort and reducing any breaking in time traditional associated with new saddles.

Luxe Leather Upgrade

For riders who want the absolute best in leather craftsmanship, you can choose Luxe Leather. Luxe Leather is hand-selected from the finest calf leather in the world and meticulously cared for throughout its specialised tanning process to guarantee exceptional performance in strength, richness of colour, ultra-soft feel and level of grip to meet the unique depends on an equestrian saddle.


Simply the greatest competitive advantage in a saddle, Horse and Rider Technology unlocks your full potential through unparalleled connection and freedom of movement.

Many of the design features and innovations in Bates Saddles are protected by design registrations and patents.