Unboxing the Bates Victrix: Bex Mason Showjumping

Earlier this year, we teamed up with Bex of Bex Mason Showjumping for a trial of the new Bates Victrix saddle, and couldn't get them back! After Bex achieving some impressive results in the ring, we did chuckle when she politely declined to return our trial saddles and started to list off her horses and which Bates Victrix saddle colour they would each suit... 

Photo: Jasmine Punter Photograph

...eventually, her charming smile wore us down - or maybe it was the homemade cookies from one of her horse's lovely owners! 

Photo: Jasmine Punter Photography

"All the saddles have arrived... and wow! What amazing accessories to go with... my horses are going to look fabulous!" - Bex

Photo: Jasmine Punter Photography


 “When I first unveiled the Bates Victrix my eyes lit up. It was like setting my eyes on a Ferrari for the first time. It is sleek yet luxurious." - Bex


Photo: Jasmine Punter Photography

"The dash of colour draws your eyes around the smooth seamless curves of a masters workmanship, this combined with the most modern of detailing and technology makes the Bates Victrix ooze style and innovation in the exciting modern times of show jumping.” - Bex

Photo: Jasmine Punter Photography

After seeing Bex's excitement, we headed out to her two yards to fit her many, many horses of varying ages and conformations, all with the one saddle model, the Bates Victrix.

Shortly after the saddle fit, we were delighted to receive a message from the very happy Bex: 

"Wow, what a day... feeling very blessed to work with such a team. Each saddle has been fitted to what I believe is perfection. Horses all felt great working in them." - Bex

Image: Bex Mason with Pure Pleasure

“On closer inspection, I was very impressed by how lightweight the Bates Victrix is. There has been thought into every detail. The closer I can feel, and the less my tack interferes with our instinct, means we can achieve the edge." - Bex

Image: Bex Mason with Team Crows Nest Feinscornet

"In today’s sport, any millimetre of improvement can mean glory above others. I love how this has been recognised, it is like riding on air for me and my horses.” - Bex

Image: Bex Mason with Team Crows Nest Vancurragh

"The Bates Victrix certainly did attract lots of attention at my first show. I was approached by many people asking about the Bates Victrix and I was proud to explain the features and the benefits I have felt so far!" - Bex

Image: Bex Mason with Team Crows Nest Vancurtis

"So far the saddles have not disappointed. Particularly on the young horses, I have found my balance and position to be on point." - Bex

Image: Bex Mason with Team Crows Nest Vanfeins

"Very excited to be showcasing the fabulous Bates Victrix. Feels very right!" - Bex

Stay tuned for an official sponsorship announcement between Bates Saddles and the talented Bex Mason Showjumping!


About Bex

Bex Mason is a show jumper based in Gloucestershire, England who specialises in producing competition horses. Bex has a strong team of up and coming show jumpers.


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