Official Partner of the German Equestrian Federation (FN)

We’re pleased to announce our official partnership with the prestigious German Equestrian Federation, affirming our commitment to the German equestrian community.

As a saddlery company, we have long been focused on education – not only through our research and development, but in sharing what we know with as many equestrians as possible for the good of horses world-wide.

The foundations of our partnership lies in a shared passion for the welfare of our horses and building strong networks for furthering our communal understanding for their benefit. When saddle design puts our horse first, we optimise the performance of every horse and rider,” says Bates Saddles Managing Director, Ron Bates.

IMAGE: Inaugural support from Bates Saddles at DJM Riesenbeck following the cancellation of the 2020 Preis der Besten. Credit: German Equestrian Federation

A saddle brand of champions, for over 30 years we have been proudly working with World Dressage Champion, Isabell Werth, developing four different dressage saddles together including the model she rides in today – the Bates Isabell.

IMAGE: Bates saddles have long been the saddle of choice of equestrians throughout Germany, including World Dressage Champion Isabell Werth. Credit: Bates Saddles/Arnd Bronkhorst Photography

“Our dear longstanding friendship with Isabell Werth is likely one of the most long-standing and successful commercial partnerships world-wide. Together, our shared ideas and innovations have seen a continual advance in the performance riders can expect from their saddle when competing at the highest level. This is the start of a powerful collaboration with the German Federation forming an unprecedented opportunity through our shared strengths and expertise that will benefit all equestrians throughout Germany and beyond for many years to come,” says Bates Saddles Managing Director, Ron Bates.

“With Bates Saddles we have a new, very experienced partner at our side. A correctly balanced saddle is the basis for horse-friendly and successful equestrian sport. Therefore, I am very pleased that in the future not only our DOKR training center and national team riders will be able to benefit from Bates Saddles expertise, but also our personal members,” says FN General Secretary, Soenke Lauterbach.

“The trust that the FN have shown in our legacy of saddle innovation and the expertise of our team is a great honour. We are exceptionally proud to work alongside the peak equestrian body in Germany,” says Bates Saddles Managing Director, Ron Bates.

For a complete list of the elite riders who choose to ride in Bates Saddles, please visit our Sponsored Rider Gallery


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