Competing from Strzegom, Poland to the European Championships in Sweden

After an earlier international trip from Finland to Denmark (via Germany), Veera Manninen hopped straight back on the road for another multi-country, multi-competition adventure taking her through Poland and Sweden!

  1. First stop: Strzegom Horse Trials, Poland
  2. Second stop: WINNING the Senior Class at the Finnish Championships, Finland
  3. Third stop: Ypäjä 3* competition, Finland
  4. Fourth stop: European Championships, Sweden
When travelling... COVID-19 testing has become a way of life
So has travelling, and travelling, and travelling 
Sometimes however, there is time to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery

First stop: Strzegom Horse Trials, Poland

After meeting fellow Bates Saddles rider Tobias Jorgensen in Denmark earlier this year, Veera was pleased to see his flash of purple saddle covers so they could meet up once again!

Tobias and Veera


Veera competed Sir Greg in the CCI3*-S with a fantastic place of 12th of 60 starters, and Hinas in the CCI1*-intro where they sadly finished on Cross Country.

Horse care and preparation
Cross Country


Second stop: Kiviniitty Big Tour, Finnish Championship

Finishing on their dressage score of 31.3, Veera and Sir Greg were victorious in the CCN3* class making them the Senior Rider Winner of the Finnish Championship. Our congratulations also to Aada Puranen (pictured) who won the Young Riders section and celebrated on land and in water with Veera!

Casper (boyfriend) wishing Veera good luck for Cross Country
Cross Country
Prize Ceremony
Celebrating with Aada


Third stop: Ypäjä, Finland

On a roll, Veera and Sir Greg WON the CCN3* class in preparation for the upcoming European Championship, Hinas won the 100 cm class and her brand new horse, Fieldhill Fantasy, was welcomed onto this tour with a 4th place in the CCN2* - what a start!

Victorious in Finland

Fourth and final stop: Segersjö, Sweden for the FEI Eventing European Championship 2021 for Young Rider and Juniors

Off to a rainy start, Veera was very pleased with Sir Greg’s last workouts ahead of the competition. Competing in both a team and individual event is particularly nerve racking, however Veera and Sir Greg performed exceptionally well with a finishing place of an individual 7th overall and a team placing of 5th.

For this final event, Veera had a huge support crew who were there to cheer her on including Päivi (Mum), Petri (Dad), Juho (big brother) and Casper (boyfriend), along with numerous friends and teammates dressed in head-to-toe blue and white! 
Cross Country Course
Veera, and the whole Finnish team
"The best support team in the world" - Veera


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