Feel closer to your horse in just 5 minutes with Bates Webbers

What are WEBBERS?

Bates WEBBERS are a simple and elegant solution to the uncomfortable lump of our stirrup leathers under our leg.

As riders, the lump of stirrup leathers under our leg is something we have just come to accept, but WEBBERS do away with the lump completely. WEBBERS just make so much sense … No buckle under your thigh, a single strap under your leg, soft and flexible to move with you, easy to adjust, strong and non-stretch!

No thanks, I'll stick with my Stirrup Leathers... 

Generally speaking, as riders, we tend to not be too adventurous with changing tack that has been made the one way through time and is known to do the job pretty well. We like to keep things simple and use what’s known to work. These are one piece of kit, however, that are surprisingly powerful, particularly for dressage riders. In our experience, riders who may be reluctant to try WEBBERS initially, wonder why they ever waited! 

Will it actually make a difference to my contact?

As a saddle manufacturer, we put a lot of focus into removing every millimeter that we can from where your seat transitions on to your horse – and thinking about how all that good work can be undone with a pair of leathers is so disappointing. 

They come in three sizes, how do I find my correct length?

A good general starting point is to place the heel of your hand next to the stirrup bar on your saddle and lift your stirrup iron into your armpit. Then check to make sure that your WEBBERS are buckling below the end of your saddle flap. 

How do I use them?

Step 1: Remove the sleeve from your WEBBERS

Step 2: Thread the loop-end of the WEBBER through the eye of your stirrup iron. 

Step 3: Pull your stirrup iron down, and insert the T-shaped buckle into a hole above your iron at your correct length.

Step 4: Replace the sleeve of your WEBBER, pulling it down firmly over the T-shaped buckle as this helps to protect your saddle from wear.

Step 5: Slide the loop of the WEBBER over your stirrup bar, ensuring it is pulled all the way on for your safety.

Step 6: Check that the T-shaped buckle is beneath your saddle flap to protect it from wear, and you're ready to ride! 

How do I run-up my WEBBERS when they are not in use?

At the very top of the WEBBERS near your stirrup bar, there is a run-up-hole.

Simply lift up the sleeve, unbuckle your WEBBERS, run your stirrup iron up, and re-buckle your webbers into the run-up-hole as shown.


To maximise the life of your WEBBERS

We recommend cleaning them with glycerine saddle soap and a damp cloth. Cleaning should always be followed by dressing with a wax-based cream such as Bates Leather Balsam. Your tack, particularly safety related items such as girth points, girth and stirrup leathers/WEBBERS should be regularly checked for signs of excessive wear and tear.


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