Bates Artiste dressage saddle - feedback from real riders!

The Bates Artiste dressage saddle is undoubtedly a revolution that you need to ride in to believe!

With an impressive 100% take-up from our sponsored dressage and eventing riders world-wide, we're confident that you'll love it too. Don't take our word for it, here's a selection of feedback from riders world-wide. 

Bates Saddles Sponsored Riders:

Highlights from the first rides in the Bates Artiste:

Amanda Ross, Australia, Olympian/Eventing

Read more about Amanda and her "blue unicorn" in this lovely interview with Equestrian Life Magazine.

Hayley Beresford, Australia/Germany, Olympian/Dressage

Stuart Tinney, Australia, Olympian/Eventing

Heath and Rozzie Ryan, Australia, Eventing and Dressage

Blair, Nikki and Charlie Richardson, Australia/New Zealand, Eventing

Blair and Nikki:


Allie Sacksen, United States, Eventing

Claire Plenty, Australia, Dressage

Deon Stokes, Australia, Dressage and Eventing

Following Amanda Ross receiving her custom coloured Bates Artiste (above), Deon Stokes was interested in a surprise of his own - and boy did his team help us to surprise him!

 Hazel Shannon, Australia, Eventing

Gemma Tinney, Australia, Eventing

Sam Jeffree, Australia, Eventing

Sarah Olivier (nee Stretton), England, Eventing


Maddy Frewin (Whelan), England, Dressage

Rosann Tyler, Australia, Dressage

Bates Saddles Future Sponsored Riders:

Zara, daughter of Shane Rose, Australia, Olympian/Eventing

Bates Saddles Brand Ambassadors:

Madi Gielen, Australia, Eventing



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