Shaun Dillon

Eventing Australia

"As a competitive Eventer I demand a lot from my horses and gear, so when it comes to saddles I trust in Bates Saddles. The ease of adjustment is second to none, and the cushioning of my horses back, achieved with the CAIR Cushion System ensures a close and even contact in all three phases of eventing. In Dressage I ride in both the Bates Isabell and Bates Innova range, depending on the particular conformation and unique movement of the horse. In Showjumping and cross-country I choose to ride in the Bates Elevation+, for a secure lower leg and a seat that gives a very centered and balanced position in both a two- and three-point seat. I also have seen major improvements in girthiness and a marked difference in movement when using girths with CAIR."