Anya Noble

Dressage New Zealand

"In my experience, all horses are much more sensitive in their backs than we fully realise. I think it is incredibly important that they are entirely comfortable and at ease through their bodies in order to perform the work that we ask from them well. If a horse is not comfortable and soft through the body, I don’t think it is fair for us to expect a quality performance from them. I’ve been riding in Bates Innova saddles since I was 14 years old (more than 6 years). The Bates Innova saddles look fabulous, optimise my position and most importantly, they are comfortable for my horses as the saddles are so simple to adjust as they grow and change shape to ensure that they remain comfortable. I’m very excited to be riding in Bates Saddles as I am very confident that my horse’s comfort will always be their number one priority!"


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